KR&R’s ABC’s Of Preventive Maintenance


Keep your air conditioner units properly pitched for rain run-off.
Roof and terrace drains should be monitored for leaves and debris.
Rust prevention requires scraping and painting exposed metal work.

Removal of ivy or other vegetation is healthier for your masonry.
Extra caution is required when walking on roof surfaces in hot weather.
Spotting ponding water on roofs and terraces should be noted.
The inspection of chimneys for cracks and shifting stones is important.
On parapets and bulkheads flashing should be bent over membrane.
Roofing systems covered with a ‘Green’ roof can extend roof life.
Attend to all checkups and necessary repairs in early spring and fall.
Terrace planters weight should be well distributed, on support blocks.
 Inspect exterior facades with binoculars for cracks or bulged masonry.
Observe the condition of base flashing and pitch pockets to advert water.
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KR&R offers superior workmanship in roofing, waterproofing, masonry, exterior facade maintenance and cleaning. Leak detection and diagnosis is an important part of our value engineering. 

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